Google Refuses to Block the Pirate Bay on ‘Free Speech Principles’

You still have to make good music that folks desire for the theifs to even provide you with a shit with regards to you. There is no difference if someone makes $50K selling records or selling tshirts. Nobody buys a tshirt from the band they don?t like or simply because they were pitched Pancho Barraza well. And I haven’t ever seen someone spend further time selling tshirts than the usual Facebook post, which 50 % of time is performed by management anyway. You really overestimate simply how much time/effort bands invest hocking their non-musical stuff.

Fuck you Paul Resnikoff. Please get hold of a life or will certainly make some real news that is proven with actual facts and never opinions. It makes me so infuriated to learn you considered a journalist and also the founder of your site, because you obviously don?t know anything about journalism and you also don?t a good amount of responsibility to deserve to work as founder. I?m absolutely disgusted.

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