Review: ‘Bad Hombres/Good Wives’ is an inspired stream of renegade humor at San Diego Rep

During the threat of sounding that is flip wouldn’t do justice to a winningly bonkers comedy which takes its female-empowerment themes seriously — “Bad Hombres/Good Wives” may just encourage both a hashtag and a theatrical genre: #MeTuba.

The blurts of a sousaphone serve as both musical accompaniment and sly comic commentary on the deliriously antic action in the San Diego Rep world premiere of Herbert Sigьenza’s Moliиre-goes-modern mashup.

And also the man whom plays it as he roves round the stage — the tubaist that is talented Kuicho Rodriguez — becomes something such as a wordlessly wry Greek chorus (in the event that ancient Greeks had gotten around to developing marching bands).

The Rep resident playwright (and co-founder of the pioneering Chicano troupe Culture Clash) who loves putting classics through a pop-culture Mixmaster it’s the kind of anything-goes gambit that often animates plays by Sigьenza.