By Tafi Mhaka

South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s proposal to introduce a sugar tax on sweetened beverages has sent tongues wagging for myriad reasons.

Questions abound as most economists and foodies alike wonder if there’ll be a sweet ending to this delectable saga or plain bitter disappointment for loads of sugar addicts.

Perhaps Uncle Pravin missed the memo, or the menu, to be exact?

Doesn’t he know South Africans love to gorge on sugary snacks and drinks?

Many-a-times trays of tasty snacks and sickly-sweet beverages have proved the perfect accompaniment for endless lunchtime gossip, teary goodbyes, hearty welcomes, family gatherings.

Well, sugar is bad for you, health experts warn.

So run a mile a day.

Take a walk to the mall.

Exercise for thirty minutes five days a week.

And, take one spoon of sugar in your coffee, not six, honey.

Uncle Pravin is taking the fight to stroke, diabetes and obesity some say. 

But, wait a minute, sugar.

Will a future bereft of delicious mouthwatering refreshments be delightfully gratifying?

Or will it be tastelessly dull and hopelessly lifeless?

Will South Africans really grow thinner and become somewhat healthier?

Or will they spend weighty amounts of money on sweet beverages, sweetie?

Many consumers might find the latter a bittersweet prospect to swallow.