By Tafi Mhaka

Nothing trumps watching a delightful Reality TV show in the United States of America.

Many people in the land of the free and home of the brave find the spangled razzle-dazzle of Reality TV shows impossibly difficult to miss at night.

Take your pick, if you will, for a minute.

You could watch the Biggest Loser.

And no – it is not about the fast unfolding drama of Donald Trump and his bizarre sexual fetishes or his brief but hilarious career as a not-so-republican Republican nominee.

Perhaps you could watch The Real Wives of Atlanta?

Be warned: It is pretty much unlike your standard Mills and Boons fare. It is salaciously raw and wholly unscripted.

Or, you could watch She’s Got Game: a TV hit show about a 37-year-old pot-smoking Los Angeles rapper named The Game, who is in the crunch of a midlife funk.

The muscular rapper from Compton spends his days dating gorgeous ladies who ominously appear a decade or two younger than him.

The women love the foul-mouthed rapper, anyway.

So do millions of American viewers.

The Game is a millionaire after all and he has got game.

The darling of the rightwing American Tea Party – arguably the man of the moment in America: Donald Trump, has got game too.

The billionaire tycoon from Manhattan got his game stripes on the hit reality show The Apprentice.

The frank spontaneity of The Apprentice sat very well indeed with fans of the hit TV show.

Fans loved the made-for-cable TV sobbing, the malicious backstabbing, the incessantly vile stream of profanity in use, the overwhelming spectacle of human failure, plus – most pleasing of all for watchful viewers: that signature closing line from the Trump himself: “you are fired”.

It is no small wonder Donald Trump has his The Apprentice-like persona on for the Presidential election: the polls confirm Americans love watching a good uninhibited show of ungamely sportsmanship from time to time and they love to play the blame game.

Americans blamed a 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, for indulging in a White House dalliance with 49-year old President Bill Clinton.

The financial crisis of 2008 was largely blamed on unsecured lending practices, not on the shifty lenders.

Middle America blames American-Hispanics for the voracious amounts of illegal narcotics other Americans consume at will.

The low uncontracted hourly wages paid by obscenely prosperous supermarket and fast food chains across America are blamed on baffling voodoo economics.

Donald Trump and his supporters blame undocumented Mexicans for high crime rates.

About half of America blames Donald Trump for turning the 2016 Presidential race into a profane-filled elective circus of male masochistic drama.

They haven’t heard of the much-loved Jerry Springer Show, have they?

Because the Donald Trump show might be renewed for four drama-filled seasons in November.