By Tafi Mhaka

Still is time since you left

I still hear your speak to me

I still see you smile in my mind

I still see your spirit in my dreams

I still dance to your energy in my thoughts

Baby I still see you and I


I know I shouldn’t but I still miss you so much

I miss the things I could still say to you

I miss the things I could still do

To you I still look for happiness

Oh Lord I still need you

Baby I still see us sharing a moment of joy


I still see your frown

I still see you so happy

I still see you so cold

Still is the air since you vanished

Still is the beauty of your soul baby I

Baby I still yearn for us


Still I wonder

Are you beautiful still?

Still is the song I play so loud and so silently

Still is the feeling you are best thing in the world

Still is the way I feel you are indeed the best thing ever

I cannot forget you still baby

Baby I still feel you


Still this is what it is

I still need to know if you are happy

I still need to know if you think of me still

Because there is time for us still

Time for us to make it still

Baby I still love you