By Tafi Mhaka

Baby splash it

You wet my appetite baby girl

What it do now?

I could lie to you for a minute

I could lie to you for one night only

Or I could just say it as it is right here

And say the truth the Heavens love to see

There is no shame in saying it baby girl

You are the sunshine in the rain of my long held desires

You are the rain when the sun is shining through my earthly needs

You are the blood thick in the rush of feelings I get all night long

And the warm rush in the blood throbbing deep in my veins

You are the velvet red next to my pitch black and subtle blue

The deep black next to my pure white

You colour my dreams like a kaleidoscope

You colour my dreams like a Zinnia can

Everything is you in my well of sweet-smelling paroxysm

There you are in angelic splendour

As fine as ever baby

Pretty you are like summer in Hawaii

Funny you are

Tender you are like mother earth

A bundle of warm joy you are

The sun is you in all your warm radiance baby

You are the moon in my universe of romantic stars

Everything is you baby

The magnificence of life is you

You are the rain in this ever green forest of man

You are the epitome of infinite desire

The ultimate model of infinite grace

The subtleness of this touch in my hands is you

There you are

You are like the supple wetness of the plants thriving in the rainforest

You give dear life to the world

The melodic sounds of the rainforest are you in bloom

You give sweetness to the mellifluous sounds caressing my suppresed desires

Everything is you at your finest

Everything is us baby

Everything is you in this garden of allure

You are the reflection of flawed perfection

You are the river Congo

You are the infinite flow of unrestrained happiness in my life

You are the infinite flow of slow hesitant pleasure

You are the madness in my crazy

You are the craziness in my pleasurable insanity

You are the framed picture of solid fragility

The ultimate mosaic of undisturbed forms of beauty

You are the realness in this fantasy

You are the green and yellow in my field of dreams

I could dream in the rain if you are the storm raining on me for a fortnight

I could dream in flashes all night long if you are the thunder lighting my desires

You are that adorable November rain falling on a calm and easy night in March

You are the sweet December day on a cool afternoon in April

You are the freshness of the water in my spring of hopes for a taste of surreal love

The desert spring in my surprise oasis of fears and needs

You are the wave baby

The wave of lustfulness I surf all night long

Hear the water splashing?

Celebrate the splash

Celebrate the rain baby

You and I

This is the rain

Hear me surf baby

Feel the splash around us

Feel the splash in you?

Nobody splashes it like I do

Nobody splashes it like you do

Splash it here for a minute

Splash it there for just a second

Splash it so I can feel it for a moment

Splash it so I can have a taste of it all night

Splash it so I can remember this rosy fragrance for some time

That wet red lipstick you have splashed on

That womanly perfume you have splashed on

That cute make up you have splashed on

That pretty smile you are splashing around

The delightful look you splashing on me

That wonderful pose you splashing in front of me

You are banging for days baby

You are banging eastwards from the west

You are banging westwards from the east

You are banging way up from down below

You are banging downwards from up there

You are banging harder than Solange on Jay Z

You are banging harder than two black hippies

You are banging harder than a mixtape from Jay Rock

If I could bang as hard as you do

If I could be your banger

If you could me let me bang

I could do it for you

You could do it for me

We could do it for us

We could make a splash in the house baby

We could make a big splash

Just you and I baby don’t need

Don’t need no sun to shine in this psychedelic darkness

Don’t need no drastic low to disturb this mind-blowing highness

Let us keep it

Keep it up baby

Let us stay high

Let us stay high on this high

That wet red lipstick you have on

Good Lord the way you splashed it on tonight

What are you having baby?

The cosmopolitan?

A mojito?

Or a Margarita?

My baby and I

My sweet baby and I want

A splash of Mojito for my baby

A splash of salty Hors d’oeuvre for my baby girl

A splash of tasty lobster caviar friatta for my woman

A splash of acoustic soul filling sounds for my baby

A splash of Laura Mvula for my babygirl

We could make a big splash here

Make the world see you baby

I could splash a hundred on you

You could splash a hundred on me

I could splash a night on you

I could splash a night in you

We could make a splash on the dancefloor

Put your best foot in front of me

Put your best foot here

Now move to the rhythm

Put your best move in motion

Flow to the rhythm of the storm in us

Put you best look on display

Put your best smile on show

Show the world what it is

Make the wet red lipstick work

Kick those sky-high red stilettos into action

Feel that beat splashing through the speakers?

Feel the heat splashing through my hands?

We could make it splash here in the dimness of the club if we try hard enough

Move closer baby

Splash it baby

That smooth skin of yours

That soft curly hair

That tender brown bosom

Your chocolate brown ankles

Your gorgeous brown legs

Your divine brown toes

Baby splash it