Swipe Right For Success

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By Lulu King

As a singleton in the city, I’ve had a plethora of strange, funny, weird and creepy experiences trying to meet my match. From organic encounters, to blind dates scheduled by meddlesome friends; heck, I’ve even gone speed dating.

Eventually, out of sheer morbid curiosity (I’m not lonely, I have a cat), I ventured into the mysterious world of online dating through Tinder. I know, right? But I found myself fascinated by the thought of extreme matchmaking and enthralled by the statistics. More and more couples are meeting online and in the US, it’s said to have taken off so well that 1 in every 4 couples meet online, without significant impact on separation and divorce rates. So, it’s relatively safe to say that it has become a safe(ish) way of finding a compatible partner.


Loza Maléombho Gets in Formation

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Loza Maléombho, fashion designer, africa, beyonce,Côte-d’Ivoire,jewelry, shoes,
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By Zama Mthethwa

There is no doubt that Africans are doing great things all over the world, Africans are excelling in a range of fields such as music, arts, fashion, sports, literature, dance and so on. This is awesome because it shows that we are breaking boundaries and also shows that Africans are diverse and talented.


Read Africa

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By Simphiwe Rens

Book Review: Maid in SA: 30 Ways to Leave Your Madam

Author: Zukiswa Wanner

In June 2014, an extensive article of mine (titled: Don’t talk about us, talk to us) was published in South Africa’s hard-news publication, The Star newspaper. Thanks to a fantastic initiative by Media Monitoring Africa (SA office), I managed to report on the experiences of a handful of South African domestic workers in a particular Johannesburg suburb.


Lost Your Smartphone? Here’s How To Survive

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By Damian Bisschoff

Your phone is probably more than just a contact list, apps and music; it likely stores a digital copy of you. But in the wrong hands, it’s also a treasure trove of sensitive information with enough riches to fulfil a fraudster’s every wish.

Despite this, most people do little to protect their devices in the event of loss or theft. A survey recently revealed that almost half of smartphone users don’t secure their phones with a screen lock.

Even worse is that criminals can make a small fortune from your rouge mobile. Whether resetting your handset, selling it or using your personal data for identity theft – in essence,  organised phone theft is running rife.

Luckily there are a few easy steps you can take to reduce the risk of financial loss and increase the chances of retaining your precious handset.


A Cooler Shade Of Green

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By Dr. Zoe Lees

I am a self-confessed green junkie. I love anything to do with eco-design, innovation, and clever new materials for anything – from clothing to cars, looking at things from a different perspective and ways of doing things that have a lower impact. This could mean anything from water wise planting, to green architecture, repurposed, reused and recycled goods, solar and wind energy, body products, holidays, conservation, health, and furniture…. I love to be able to experiment with all these things in my own home or profession.


It’s In Our Jeans

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By Lulu King

There has long been an argument amongst scholars and intellectuals as to whether the spirit of entrepreneurship is something people are born with or whether it is something that can be nurtured into existence through education.

I’d like to believe that the spirit of Entrepreneurship is something that has been deeply embedded in our DNA, supplemented by our varying degrees of exposure and experiences. Built by African Hustlers, these businesses break new ground daily and are geared to solving local problems and providing value where value is required. When supported adequately, they flourish into deeply rooted bastions of our economy, creating sustainable jobs and incredible social and economic impact. Take Tshepo, The Jean Maker, for instance. 


Africa And The Effects Of The Falling Oil Price

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Image: Tullow-Oil

By Qiniso Ntuli

Low oil prices will persist for longer than previously expected, according to most global asset managers, and the most reduced crude oil forecasts for this year are down by as much as 51 percent. US Investment Bank, Morgan Stanley, now sees oil mostly falling through 2016, compared with a previous outlook for prices to rise each quarter this year.

Venezuela said five other members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries would join non-OPEC producers, Russia and Oman, should an extraordinary meeting be called. There are growing calls for producers around to world to act to stem the decline in oil prices, which plunged to the lowest level in more than a decade last month.


Connecting The Dots That Led To The Birth Of TransAfrica Radio (Part 1)

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By Busi Ntuli

The year 2000 not only started with a bang for me but it was to be a year that defined my today.

I welcomed the dawn of the new millennium, aka the year 2000 at the pyramids of Giza in Cairo Egypt – at a party of parties  and with someone I loved. I was with my best friend and fellow radio head,  Nandipha Strydom affectionately known as Nandi.


The Rise of Women in Cricket

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We can do it

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By Lunga Kupiso

The movement for equality across the African continent is vastly growing in momentum, and it should be no surprise that the sporting industry is also pulling all the measures to ensure that women get all the support they can to excel on the sporting field.


All Eyes On Tiggs Da Author

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By Zama Mthethwa

Since this is our first edition of The TransAfrican, it’s only fitting that we look at an artist who’s about to make serious waves in the African music scene – after all The TransAfrican is an extension of TransAfrica radio which is all about celebrating African excellence.

This week we look at Tanzanian born singer, composer, and rapper, Tiggs Da Author, who is currently based in London. The first time we as TransAfrica Radio started paying attention to him was when he dropped his song ‘Georgia’ mid 2015. From there we never looked back. ‘Georgia’ immediately grabs your attention – it has that old soul feel to it. It’s catchy and forces you to sing along.